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Miryam – Soarele sau Luna

MIRYAM Soarele sau Luna 420x420

Muzica: Daniel Peanci, Daniel Didi

Text: Daniel Peanci

Mix-Master: Andy Robert (Any1)

Video by Osaka Pictures

Miryam – Dulce si Amar

Miryam - Dulce si Amar

Muzica: Marius Borcoi
Text: Emanuela Oancea
Orchestratie: Daniel Badoi
Video by Claudiu Stan (MVPEntertainment)
(C) & (P) Sprint Music

MIRYAM – Top of the rainbow

MIRYAM - Top of the rainbow

Music: Ovidiu Anton
Lirycs: Ovidiu Anton
Arrangement: Iulian Bughesiu
Violin: Adrian Belu
Flute: Nicusor Sava
Mix- Master: Iulian Bughesiu , I.V. Metal Foundry
(C) & (P) Sprint Music

Miryam – Don’t stop

Music: Magic Juice
Lyrics: Violet, Tamy
Mix/Master: Bunicu’ Magic
Produced by Magic Juice

Publishing: S.C. Sprint Media Publishing S.R.L
Label: Sprint Music brand registred at O.S.I.M, property of
S.C Sprint Media Center S.R.L
SC Sprint Media Center SRL it’s a member U.P.F.R and O.R.D.A

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