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Tamy & Pepe – Dominicana (video)

DOWNLOAD VIDEO Music: Alexandru Serbu (Bolero), Emanuela Oancea, Ester Alexandra Cretu Lyrics: Emanuela Oancea Orchestration: Alexandru Serbu (Bolero), Magic Juice, Alexandru Truta Guitar: Alexandru Serbu (Bolero) Mix & Master by Bunicu’ Magic Produced by Rolla7 Production & Magic Juice

Allexinno & Starchild – Baila Macarena (video)

DOWNLOAD video Management & Booking: Marius China | 0723.315.180 Music and lyrics: Allexinno, Starchild Publishing: S.C. Sprint Media Publishing S.R.L Label: Sprint Music brand registred at O.S.I.M, property of S.C Sprint Media Center S.R.L SC Sprint Media Center SRL it’s a member U.P.F.R and O.R.D.A All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable […]